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Empowering Youth, Changing Communities

The LVY Foundation  is working to give youth the opportunity
to discover and use their talents for the benefit of others.
We are determined to lead by example in faith, business, and
in our community. Our hope is this attitude will become
a blessing both directly and indirectly to all who come into contact with us.

How do we do it?

LVY believes that strong communities are built through empowering
the lives of young people preparing them for the future
to be an integral part of the development process of a better society.
We want young people to acquire the skills necessary
to be the positive change in our society. Our programs
are designed to physically and mentally prepare our future
leaders for the challenges of life no matter their background.
LVY Foundation equips today’s youth with the mentality, resources,
and attitude to permanently give the gift of being a blessing
in the lives of others. But the results go beyond getting
better grades and cleaning up neighborhoods. LVY programs offer hope,
restore dignity, build self-esteem, and create environments where kids
feel physically, psychologically, and emotionally capable to make a difference.
This comprehensive “youth focused” approach not only develops
communities, but restores hope for a brighter future.

Our Values

God's Love

We seek, in all we do, to express our love of God and His love for us. We desire to demonstrate God’s love by humble, compassionate, sacrificial service to all His children.

Professional Excellence

We provide quality projects and services with the highest humanitarian principles and best practices. We respect the insight, wisdom, and resources of the communities we serve and guard against prejudice, racism, and discrimination of any kind. We exercise responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.

Empowering People

We are committed to enabling those who are less fortunate to meet their long-term physical, social, educational and spiritual needs. We seek to train, mentor, educate, and equip those who work with us and those whom we serve. We create work environments where initiative, opportunity, and teamwork abound.

Healthy Relationships

We treat all with whom we work and serve with dignity and respect. We require accountability, transparency, and integrity in our communications and commitments.

LVY Foundation demonstrates God’s love by enabling the less fortunate to develop their abilities and support their communities.



META-MORPH’s mission is to evolve and transform the thinking process of undiscovered youth/talent by empowering these individuals to discover their inner potential, realize and tap into their own personal equity while recognizing their value to society.


As a compliment to META-MORPH, Catalysis is an introduction to the actual world of Business and Technology. We aim to provide students with very current and practical business skills as well as tech tools for starting a new business, strengthening existing business, and/or new careers.


Woman helping an elderly man

The mission of the Trinity Services Program is to provide vulnerable residents in the Twin Cites Metro and NW Suburbs of Hennepin County MN with comprehensive services, such as referring clients to receive food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services, in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.


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